At Candy Saves Lives we partner with our local community

Who we support:

When you join us you will be contributing towards a noble cause.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of candy goes toward a charity.  Some charities help find lost children and others are to help children/adults with mental or health conditions. You can also choose a charity that you support. Funds comes from the sale of the candy placed on your business or office location. Our partners don't invest a dime, we provide you with all the tools and supplies you need, You only display our boxes or equipment. We are a supporter of the American Association for Lost Children.  Approved Vendor 

-AAFLC [Vendor: #11839  1 800-325-5683].

-Children's Foundation of IV 

-American Breast Cancer Foundation 


How do we do it? By placing Vending Devices locally


Small Honor Candy Box- Most Popular

When someone buys candy from our box at your location, a portion goes towards a charity, your or ours. In essence you are contributing to the cause. You don't buy the candy, your customers or employees do.  We service the box, weekly, biweekly or Monthly. You do nothing, just display the box, this option it's the most popular option if you don't have much room at your location.  The box Measures approx 10" x 7" 


Table tops

Small Candy Jar.  Whichever solution works for your location we can accommodate you.  Your Support makes a direct impact for the causes we support.


Floor stands

FREE Small Table, won't take much room if lack of counter space is an issue

Bigger offices with Many employees can also Help out- We have Solutions for you that also help contribute to Charities.

Free Snack-Drink Machine Placement for your office


Free Bulk Candy Machine Placement for your office


Provide your employees with snacks and drinks at the same time helping for a noble cause

Call for More info: 442-456-4715

Join our Local Community. We help promote your business. It's a win win for all. Let's Support our Local Imperial Valley Contributors!


Current Local Stores in our Community are helping out. Join Us

  • La Resaca 
  • Guadalajara Restaurant 
  • Burgers & Beer 
  • Ricochet Rec Center
  • Fortune Garden
  • Donuts Place
  • Bamboo Bistro
  • Poke Noodle
  • Nana’s Kitchen
  • StrikeZone IV
  • Birreria Red Tacos
  • Lilian Brown Hair Ext.
  • Headquarters Barbershop
  • Flautas y Sopes
  • Karina's Restaurant
  • Mangiamos pizza
  • Golden Dragon
  • Rick's Roadrunner
  • Vallarta Barber Shop 
  • Smart Style
  • Blowout Hair & Beauty
  • K-Taquiza - El Centro
  • La Lonchera
  • China In
  • Rosa's Plane
  • Donut Place
  • Geaorges Pizza
  • Headquartes barbershop
  • Burrito Factory
  • Alice hair salon
  • Los cabos
  • Paleteria cachanilla
  • Nana's
  • 2Go Salads
  • Sofias
  • Brendas Kitchen
  • Lety's Casita Restaurant
  • MR. Richards salon
  • STA Phone Repair
  • Ricks Roadrunners cook and safe
  • El Merendero
  • 4:13 Fitness
  • Slays nail salon
  • Leon barbershop
  • Smart style
  • Los cabos
  • Nails nxt smart style